hey!  i'm Bev

I first launched the brand and subsequent blog Being ​Bev back in 2013-2014. I was a fashion major and freshman in college with a baby idea and dream in my heart that expressing myself creatively over the internet might be something I would love to do. I started a blog and updated my social media accounts to where I posted about fashion, style and just being me.  At the time however, life took over, as it often likes to do, and I found myself putting this dream to the side to focus on other things--including a career in education which I enjoy immensely (hey #SAPros). 

Over the years however, I still kept up the brand Being Bev-- if anything as just the handles for my socials, as I knew returning to blogging was something that I would eventually want to get back to. I spent years keeping up with content creation trends, best practices, and some of my favorite creators. I watched from the sidelines a field grow from something no one would ever consider to be a full time job to a fully realized and respected industry. Almost 7 years later, inspired by a push to live more intentionally and authentically by my 25th birthday I've decided to re-launch my blog as a creative outlet for myself---but also to keep a promise that I made to my 18yr old self. 

So hello again all wander the internet--my name is Bev. I'm a plant loving, fashion following, home decorating, beauty loving, creator and educator who believes that vulnerability and authenticity are one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. I believe in the power of giving yourself grace to just be. So what if it takes you 7 years to finally do that thing? At least you did it, and tomorrow you can always do better. 

Ultimately my mission is to live my life in such a way that brings glory not to myself, but to what God is able to do through me and around me. And if Jesus isn't your jam, that's cool too-- in fact please, pull up a seat!! I think one of the most beautiful things in life include sharing human experiences with all types of individuals regardless of size, shape, color, or belief.

If there's anything the last few years of the digital age has shown us is how easy it can be for people to decide to freeze others in time, when really we're all just figuring it out---I hope you enjoy coming along this journey with me as we decide everyday who it is we want to be.

Who will you be? 


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