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25 before 25: week 1 wrap-up

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Recently, I've started a journey of doing 25 things leading up to my 25th birthday check out my previous post here where I explain how this idea came to be + tips on what to consider if you want to embark on a similar journey. At the end of each week of my 3 week-ish journey I'll be doing a wrap up of the activities that I've done as a way to take you all with me.

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day 1: trader joe's

I'd never gone to Trader Joes before but I've always wanted to visit to see what the hype was about--and I'm glad I did because it was great. I picked up some fruits, veggies, some skincare items--i'm still testing out their rose water spray, as well as this beautiful bouquet of hydrangea and eucalyptus. I was also able to pick up some beeswax coated sandwich wrap because I've been trying to incorporate more sustainable products in my life and minimize the waste that I produce. I'm excited to try it later on in my #25before25 journey when I pack my picnic with lil baby sandwiches.

day 2: nature hike

If you know me, you'd probably know that I'm likely not the first person to claim to be a super "outdoor-sy" type--however I'd like to be. There are a lot of things that attract me to the great outdoors--for starters its breathtaking, take these views for example that I captured at a local park in my area. The pictures just don't do it justice. The experience overall was just so peaceful and it was a fun adventure to do a lil solo hike in nature.

In full transparency I originally attempted to do the nature trail--but I was by myself and got scared (plus the night before I had a nightmare that I'd get stolen) so luckily I was able to follow the boardwalk & biking paths that was also available for outdoor enthusiasts. I plan to visit again soon and probably add kayaking the list (and nature trail again with a buddy)!

day 3: painting

One of my all time favorite things to do is to just sit and paint, and on day three of my journey that's exactly what I did. I have all of these empty frames and blank canvases around my apartment that I've been meaning to fill for months. This painting that I'm working on was actually inspired by something I'd seen online that I couldn't afford--so I decided to make something instead to hang up on my walls.

day 4: pillow/ blanket fort!

Probably by far my favorite activity that I experienced this past week. It combined all of my favorite things, food, watching tv/movies and sleep. Building the fort took a lot longer than I anticipated, but once it was complete it was so worth it! In fact, I ended up hanging out in it the rest of the week. I plan to make a dedicated post/video about this in the future if you'd like to build your own so stay tuned for that!

day 5: baking a cake

I've always loved watching baking youtube videos, in fact I find them so incredibly calming that's they're usually what I'll have playing at night when I go to sleep. For years now (I mean YEARS) I've amassed quite a bit of knowledge just by watching different pastry chefs create things online--except I've never tested anything out. Day 5 was about putting all that knowledge to the test.

This was actually a bit nerve-wracking because I'd actually attended Johnson & Wales University in North Miami an institution well known for their culinary and baking and pastry programs (I majored in fashion merchandising--another post for another day) so naturally I have a lot of friends who I follow who do this for a living and they do it well. I'll never claim to be a chef but this experience was a lot of fun--and I learned so much more about cake making and decorating by actually making and decorating a cake. (s/o to my former peers--please don't look too closely haha)

day 6: baking low carb lemon bars

So on this day I ended up taking the baking experience further by testing out these keto or low carb lemon bars. I few years ago I tried these lemon bars that were part of a spread at some event that I can't remember at school and ever since I've been dreaming about these smooth, sweet yet tart, custardy treats. The ones I tried weren't low-carb but I wanted to attempt making a more guilt-free recipe that used almond/coconut flour as its base. It turned out really good though I think I still need to tweak some things with the recipe--when do I'll be sure to post it here!

day 7: sushi

Wrapping up the week was simple and fun. I knew by the end of a work week all I'd really want to do is eat and nap--but I challenged myself to go out and find some really good sushi in the community to try instead of just eating what I normally do in my apartment. Why #sushi? I just really really love sushi, its that simple.

I ended up visiting a spot in Tampa called Water and Flour--and the sushi was truly, truly amazing I highly recommend it. In the end it was a good day to spend with friends and food (safely and socially distant of course!)

final thoughts

Wrapping up week 1 I learned quite a bit about myself, my community, and different hobbies that I want to explore further. I did so much this week that it actually feels like month has gone by--not just a few days!

At the core of this I've been mindful of not over-indulging my flesh by remaining true to my 'why' for this journey which is doing more things that spark joy and feed my spirit. Along side everything pictured here, I've been taking the time to journal + mediate in prayer daily so that with everything I do Christ remains at the center of it all.

peace and love


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