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5 things to know about Wall Crawl, Orlando's Downtown Photo Studio Experience

Since my 25 before 25 series (check it out here) friends and family have been sending me links or suggestions to cool things around my local area to experience. We love to see it!

So the other day my friend sent me a Tik Tok that featured this venue in Orlando called the Wall Crawl. It's essentially a photo studio experience where you're able to go in and take cute and #instagramworthy pictures along the multiple curated sets they have along the walls in the venue.

What piqued my interest was not only were there multiple walls in various aesthetics and themes, but that Wall Crawl also rotates their walls to keep things fresh---so I'm excited to go visit again soon to see their fall and holiday walls.

Since visiting with my sister, I figured I'd share 5 things to know and consider to make the most of your experience:

1. Easy Booking & Cost

The process to book was fairly simple on their website and they have a few different options to choose from:

General Admission Tickets (what we chose)

  • Access to 4,500 square foot air-conditioned space for a 60-minute self-guided session

  • Share the space with others (they have a 2 group, 10 person max cap for each hour-long session for physical distancing--click here to view what they do to keep folks safe) We didn't mind sharing the space at all since it was a very large space for very few people.

  • Anyone attending (even if they aren't taking pics) need a ticket for entry

  • Pricing (at the time of this blog post) is $25 - ages 13 and up, $12.50 - ages 3-12 and Free - ages 2 and under, which to me was pretty affordable for what they offer. Here is their tickets page

Semi-Private/Private Bookings, Event/Corporate Rentals

Wall Crawl provides a great range of booking offerings for visitors to tailor for their specific needs.

  • If you're interested in a private session (or just avoiding people lol) you can book the space along with the professional photographers they offer or you can bring your own photographer to shoot in the space. Pricing- $250 per hour for up to 10 people

  • This is a good option if you want to bring additional camera equipment (they only allow you to bring a tripod currently) or lots of outfits/props for a specific shoot (though if you're interested in how we got a few different looks with our gen. admission ticket keep reading)

  • The space is available to host private events like birthday parties, or corporate events which would be a really dope idea since its a fun venue where guests can entertain themselves taking pictures while mingling. Click here for more info on those options

Since visiting was part of a mini sister staycation (blog post on that coming soon!) I wanted it to be a fun moment in our itinerary to take pics ourselves and make memories which is why we chose the general admission ticket. In the future, I do plan on organizing a family holiday shoot and I'm adding this location to my list of potential venues for a private rental. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Their F.A.Q's page on their site does a great job in breaking down the different options and what they recommend you chose so definitely take a look!

2. Cool offerings

Aside from the curated walls, Wall Crawl offers a few cool and noteworthy things to consider for your visit like:

  • What they call Instagram Husbands ready to take professional pics of you and your group + digital photo packages starting as low as $24 if you didn't want to take your own photos

  • Dog nights if you want to bring a furry friend to take pics with

  • Memberships for professional photographers interested. You have to contact them for more info on that but they do have a dedicated guide that pro photographers should consider here

3. They also offer a fitting room

Wall Crawl also offers a fitting room in their space, which we utilized and was quite spacious and cute enough to take pictures in of itself. The fitting room has a tables to lay your items on, chairs, and a large floor mirror to adjust and check your look.

This really excited me as a blogger that prefers to batch my content as I knew I could get a few different looks for my instagram feed that wouldn't be repetitive for my followers.

For everyday visitors, this would be great to change into a coordinated outfit with friends/partners or if you were exploring downtown Orlando in a more casual fit and wanted to switch it up for your pictures in the studio in something dressier.

I really loved this amenity and felt like it needed a point all on its own :)

4. What you can bring

The venue is actually located on the second floor of the space when you arrive so anything you bring would need to be carried up. Here's a list of things we brought as well as things to consider:

  • Travel Camera Bag w/ my DSLR, extra batteries, tripod (you're only allowed one per group)

  • Small Bag w/ extra outfit, coordinating jewelry + shoes

  • Small travel makeup pouch (to touch up in the fitting room)

  • Small props-- we didn't bring any, but you're allowed to bring a few cute things to accent your photos like birthday balloons.

You can't bring:

  • Unsecured food or drinks to intended for consumption

  • Light stands of any kind during general admission

  • If they deem your items too big to bring into the space during general admission, they'll just ask you to secure it in your car

During our visit, there were only two other groups in the space (they decreased occupancy per session since) but if we visit again with a gen. admission ticket, I would try to get everything to fit in my camera bag. Since the two of us both had 2 bags each (although small) we created a mini pile of our things as we went along and it would be much easier to have fewer items. I can see how that could be inconvenient for other guests too which is why they have these policies.

A nice feature as we went along taking pictures is they actually offered us a tripod so both my sister and I could be in a shot. They have what they call Instagram Husbands in the space available to take pictures with professional cameras, and pre-covid it looks like they used to offer taking pics using your personal phone but since they're trying to keep their staff safe they offered us the tripods instead.

The tripods they offer only have the phone grip attachment which wasn't an issue personally, as we'd brought a tripod that has a camera attachment so consider that when planning what you'll take your pics on

5. Make a game plan for your time slot

This point is truly for the folks who enjoy a good itinerary and planning every aspect of a trip (ahem me), those who may feel pressure since you only have an hour to take pics if you have a series of shots in mind, or those who take like 300+ photos only to end up liking one loll.

If you don't have these concerns, please skip ahead! But for those interested here's what I recommend:

  • Check out their instagram to see what walls are currently being offered

  • Decide which walls you definitely want pictures in front of and screenshot them (you can always go with the flow after you've secured your favorite walls)

  • Peruse their feed to get some inspo on how others posed or used the walls creatively, screenshot these as well. I recommend this if you find yourself sometimes a little awkward posing. Its okay! It be like that sometimes.

  • Plan your outfit(s) as not to clash with the different wall aesthetics or plan for specific ones!

I quickly created a cheat sheet in OneNotes on my phone where I placed all my screenshots + poses I wanted to attempt. This is also where I wrote out which outfits I wanted to be in for each walls since I was going to change at the 30 min mark of our session.

In the end, I didn't re-create all of these poses to the T, it was just nice to have when we were in the space to help get our creative juices flowing in front of the camera.

Final Thoughts

  • The staff was really kind and chatted with us afterward asking if we had a fun time and since we're semi-local they informed us when the fall/holidays will be up for us to visit again which I appreciated.

  • Since they clean and sanitize in-between sessions, if you arrive a little early than your time slot you'll need to wait a bit outside as they don't open until 5mins before (we'd arrived like 20mins before lol)

  • Lastly, there isn't much to indicate the actual space from the outside, so I'd circled the block a bit before noticing the colored steps leading to space, but GPS does take you directly where you need to go (it could just be me) and there's both street parking and a designated lot

In the end, this was a really cool spot just to visit with family or friends to do something in Orlando aside from the various theme parks. All of my planning isn't really necessary its just fun for me and what makes me anticipate an experience even more but you can just book and go. 10/10 would recommend!

Peace and blessings,


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